Get to know me!

I am an operations specialist with experience analyzing and acquiring imagery from the Curiosity Mars rover. My background in physics, astronomy, and image analysis informs my current work as a Missions Operations Specialist, where I operate the Mastcam instrument aboard Curiosity. I am heavily invested in space exploration and the work that makes it possible.

My personal journey with space exploration began during my undergraduate career, when I joined the Western Washington University (WWU) Marslab as a student researcher. My research focused on the development of tools and Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to aid multispectral image analysis, specifically with regards to using Mastcam data to further our understanding of Martian geology. My experience in the Marslab lead me to my current position at Malin Space Science Systems, where I operate and advocate for Mastcam during day-to-day tactical operations. When the Mars 2020 rover lands in February 2021, I will operate the improved Mastcam-Z instrument aboard it. Though I’ve graduated, I consider myself an “eternal student”, always eager to build on my foundations and further my understanding of spacecraft, their operations, and the people behind them.

My desire to learn about spacecraft and operations is driven by my larger desire to engage with the process of humanity leaving earth in pursuit of new worlds. I am inspired by the astounding achievements of the people who make space exploration possible. The efforts and accomplishments of the space community call me to action and motivate me to do more to contribute to the field. My ultimate goal is to establish myself as a leader in the space community and play a major role during our collective journey into the beyond.

While I’m not thinking about space, I enjoy rowing, rock climbing, game design, 3D printing, and working on my electric bike. Currently I’m reading HP Lovecraft and doing my best to be a force of good during the global pandemic.